Farmer`s Room

We all know that children`s best friends are animals. They feel their innocence and are happy to have their full atention and continuous curiosity. We invite you to a farm`s tour to meet the cows, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats that are part of this family. If you want to have a complete experience, request the farmer`s room. You will find he the little shutter window that you have seen in the cow stable, through which they are fed hay, lanterns that illuminate animal spaces, but also the comfortable chair that the farmer sits after a long day of work...

Orchard Room

Did you taste the natural juice produced from the apples in the orchard behind Elia's house? Apples that have a long history. Grandpa Neculae planted all the apples in the garden in his beautiful youth. Except for one, the big, old apple under which, if you sit in the sun at sunset, you feel that time stands still. Come to the garden and admire the sunset, leaning on the old apple and enjoying a glass of natural juice. In the evening you can stay in the orchard room, where sleep is as sweet as a ripe apple.

Tailor's Room

Ai auzit de marele croitor din Sohodol?
Have you heard of the great tailor from Sohodol? Yes, yes, you can even find his picture at the village museum. Mr. Florin Obancea, or as his friends call him, Nea Florin. He makes cloth vests, cloth trousers, natural sheep wool clothes, sweaters ... 35 years of work and he still does things with pleasure and puts a gram of passion in each tailored garment. In the tailor's room you can find the old sewing table, now reconditioned, and old materials from his grandmother from Simon, up the hill, hand-woven for the son who would become the most famous tailor in Bran and ... who knows, maybe from the greater lands. Nea Florin is still working in the workshop, so if you want to see what he does, you can ask him to teach you some secrets of tailoring in the workshop near Casa Elia.

Elisafta`s Room

Have you ever rent a room and have nowhere to put your luggage? Well, the attic room has a generous space of 35 square meters, being ideal for a family. It has a king size bed, a sofa bed for 2 people, and a large balcony from which you can enjoy the sunset and the view of the village.

Grandpa's Room

Imagine you're on a flat plateau in the mountains, and the sun barely touches the tops of the fresh, light green grass ... the sheep graze quietly while you enjoy the sunset. A day like any other for grandfather Nicolae who used to go to the mountains with his sheep in the summer, on the plateau of Postavaru, where the accumulation lake is now. Sheep have always meant more to him than just animals for fur, meat or milk. I invite you to climb a little on the hills behind of Casa Elia and to enjoy, as „tataie” enjoyed, the peace of the sheep and lambs that graze with no worries.

Grandma's Room

Are there days when you would like to refuge in a place where you feel pampered? Like at grandma's ... where you were always expected with hot food and yes, you had to finish everything from the plate, because no matter what your age was, you were always told, "eat, to grow up". Oh...and how good the sleep after the feast was. That was until the rooster woke you up ... calling you out, enjoying the sun, the fresh air, or just feeding him too. Discover Grandma's room, with the story behind it.


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